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Upcycled Mantra Bangles

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Handmade Mantra Bangles

  • Made out of upcycled brass cutlery. So many pounds of brass end up in landfill, being wasted, and adding to pollution. We try to lessen the blow by using materials that already exist.
  • Handmade by a group of at-risk youth artisans part of a Boys & Girls Club in Tanzania with a mission of teaching them skills resulting in their eventual independence (https://www.facebook.com/1Ndoto/
  • Due to their handmade nature, no item is exactly like the other. They are each unique and one-of-a-kind, making them super special
  • Hand-stamped message on the inside cuff with a mantra message to brighten your day each time you wear it (select which message speaks to you).

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